Capital Market Law

Bonds and mezzanine financing

I advise German and foreign issuers on the issuance and placement of bonds and mezzanine financing of all kinds. This includes traditional corporate bonds as well as hybrid instruments such as convertible bonds, equity-linked bonds, hybrid bonds and profit participation certificates.

Issuance of securities/asset investments
(prospectuses/WIB/VIB/prospectus-free offerings)/tokenization.

Initial public offerings and capital increases

I advise German and foreign issuers and institutions as an underwriter on issues and placements. This includes IPOs and capital increases, rights issues, sales of securities packages and private placements. My advice covers the transaction cycle including the drafting of contracts between issuer and bank, distribution issues, preparation and support of the approval process of securities prospectuses and other placement documents as well as the necessary coordination with the stock exchanges.

Admission follow-up obligations

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